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Patpong  is an entertainment and red light district in Bangkok, Thailand. Patpong consists of two parallel streets (Sois) on Silom Road, Soi Patpong 1 and Patpong Soi 2, the connecting roads between them and the branching off of them dead ends. Patpong is located between the Thanon Silom and Thanon Surawong near its eastern end. The street is the most famous streets in the west for the night-life prostitution. The other two are Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy.

Patpong is notorious as a relic of the Vietnam War. In the streets then developed a nightlife aimed at the GIs who were on leave from South Vietnam and other American bases in the region. As a result, there are many gogo bars and other bars located where women could be picked up. Although Patpong later got more competition from the new Nana Plaza is the continued survival.

In Patpong, and in the immediate vicinity there are many good restaurants. Similarly, there is one of the most popular live music clubs, the Radio City here, as well as a popular nightclub, the Lucifer, which runs from about 23 indigenous clock younger audience. For some years there is a night market in Patpong, which is located directly on the streets that are blocked for this purpose in the evening hours. This has now become a major tourist attraction. Many dealers also offer counterfeit branded goods for sale.

Preparing For Work, Pat Pong, Bangkok. August 2007.

In earlier times it was known only as Patpong red light district. This offer continues to be highly influenced by the many go-go bars. Thus, male farang are regularly contacted by recruiters who are trying to clients on the ping pong shows to lure the place where you almost have offered sexual artistic performances. For unsuspecting visitors, it is of enormous importance, not following offers that take place in remote bars (in backyards or upper floors of buildings). Here, have often been over-invoicing enforced by strong bouncer.

Today Patpong still has many gogo bars mainly belonging to the King’s Group. Patpong differs in some cases of two other prostitution areas Westerners have a mission. Patpong is targeting businessmen and the prices are this many many times higher than those in other areas. Unlike in other areas, the percentage Katoey’s (transgender) very high. The atmosphere is compelling and it happens more often here than in other areas that the account is increased by more drinks on the account to write. There is also some bars scam where unsuspecting tourists are lured to go under the guise of sex shows (which in Thailand are prohibited by law). These bars are often inflated the bill to almost 2000 Baht (€ 50).

Further counts Patpong increasingly luxurious restaurants and other nightspots such as bars with live music, although they gogo-bars or supersede, give a different atmosphere. Also some popular nightclubs are located.

Patpong Market by night

On the streets is a night market for tourists. In this market, many counterfeit products on sale, carvings and other specially made for tourists where. Although this market is more expensive than many other markets and shopping is by this place in the business district of Silom very popular. The atmosphere contributes to the popularity. In 2005, the night market because it reduces the flow of too many people blocking. In the event of a fire, people can then go nowhere.

Patpong is also next to Silom soi 4, an area that focuses on entertainment for homosexuals, although more and more trendy bars and restaurants to settle here. Also located Thanya soi, also Thanya Plaza, in the same area. There has developed a night life for the Japanese man.


In 1946, some flowers of Hainan – China is to build a small shop to trade, mostly their employment from the company property. The road was originally formed from a called Patong road. Later, Patong Patong 3 and 2 serial Patong built as a neighborhood crowded with many pubs and bars, discotheques or massege. Soi Thaniya have separate bar with barbargo expensive dedicated to Japanese customers. Patong from there into the city for sex tourism and for gay men. In 1968, Patong is known as an R & R (Rest and Recuperation) also known as places for entertainment in the U.S. military the Vietnam War, although the R & R is really the area along New Petchburi Road. 1970s and 1980s, the famous Patong is known as a child sexually. Understand the factors that traders sold the land in the area, and obviously that has turned tenants Now it really became a paradise for sex tourism. Today, the area the night of Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy is opened further complement Patong town. Patong became obvious red light district for sex tourism most exciting Bangkok.

Diverse Sexual Services


Most bars serve very diverse and make the exploitation of sexual orientation many levels. In the go-go bar for the sex show performances. There are many performances sex shows, including:

  • Pussy Ping Pong
  • Pussy Balloon Shoot
  • Pussy Smoking Cigarette
  • Pussy Open the Bottle
  • Pussy Chopstick
  • Pussy Shooting Bananas
  • Pussy Writing a Letter
  • Pussy Needle
  • Electric Pussy
  • Pussy Rainbow
  • Pussy Banana Cutting
  • Fishes in Pussy
  • Pussy Girl and Girl
  • Pussy Boy and boy
  • Exchange Water Between 2 Pussies

Separate areas for the form Ladyboy service oral sex (oral sex) and also serve quite popular. Nana Plaza is separately known as Kathoey served in the bar. Particularly the way the callboy SURAWONG service to foreign tourists for tourists needs. Forms also quite common to take place or usually preferred by safety and bill payment is low. The venues are usually quite polite, do not move the tourists that the boat is renowned as his own boys have body beautiful as a model, wearing white T-shirt hugging and sexy wrap soap-empty, there only the unique pants. Inside the restaurant, a row of boys standing along the entrance, smiling and friendly guide guests to their seats. Staff and 100% male, though not all are gay and clear delineation of the guests asked. Each staff carried on a code themselves, and of course will have the majestic performance and flicker of the model. Guests who choose, to report the reception, staff will bring the key rooms for visitors upstairs to see the model.

However, now there are signs that parts of Patpong was transferred from the sex industry and offer various types of entertainment. We have a bar and live music performances scheduled regularly attracts tourists as well as some very good restaurants. A new hotel opened on Patpong 2 also provides many services that the price is very good.


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Warnings for the area with visitors evils arising. Almost Mining billing status or sexual safety almost out open. Guests passport to enter these areas and almost foreign visitors come to buy happy or satisfy sexual needs. The visitors to Patpong for curiosity or needs when they have to pay the amount not less viewing services here or the service or taking pictures Kathoey common with them. Guests have to pay when the commission first guide to services was the hook from the front.

Things to Avoid When Visiting Patpong

  • Never ask a Thai to Patpong Road, for the Thais, here is the place marred, stained. The Thais never to this area, the first law does not permit, because they think the place stained, marred glory.
  • Never use your phone to take pictures, or any sophisticated equipment that, because virtually all areas prohibit visitors do this, camera tracking, visitors will encounter a lot of trouble.
  • Be careful with your pocket money, always to the front or somewhere easy to observe and know it can be “exploited” the fastest. Carefully in the pocket this technology extremely delicate, not even bad side anywhere in the world. Main way the formula mixed drink or drug tourists cause uncontrolled popular.
  • Do not step on floor, though the call is sweet, attractive and full of magic how. The bar on the floor usually performed illegal sex show.
  • Do not stick to the argument for or friction or small things of others. When there are problems, go out and seek help from police.
  • Do not take the side tickets. Invoice will be charge of Mining. If you stick this way, it is best to calm all the money, then bring receipts to the police headquarters Tours on Patpong Road. Police will accompany you to the bar and help take back the money that ridiculous surcharges.